Rates Are Near Record Lows!
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Published on August 28, 2020

Rates Are Near Record Lows!

You may have read many recent headlines all about mortgage rates, as they relate to the COVID-19 epidemic. In the last few months, news surrounding the virus has dramatically changed the tone of global markets; investor confidence being a key factor in mortgage rates, rates took a dive starting last April going into summer. With all of the many mortgage headlines since then, you might be wondering: What is the current state of the mortgage market? Have recent Federal Reserve announcements changed anything?

The short answer: Yes. Rates sat at record lows just a month or so back, and some recent news did in fact cause a rate spike for a moment: The Fed announced a mortgage tax, which was since rescinded to due its unpopularity (i.e. it would make refinancing more pricey for borrowers). They reversed the tax, and this week, rates are back to near-record lows.

These are sub-3% rates for most borrowers, which would have been unheard of in years prior! Rates are helped by Fed talks of buying additional mortgage-backed securities (applies helpful downward pressure to rates). Many borrowers refinancing / securing new loans now will likely never need to refi again!

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