Which Loan Makes Sense For You?

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15 Year

A 15 year loan generally has lower interest rates, which means a lower overall total cost. These do come with higher monthly payments, but save thousands in interest with the shorter loan life. This is a good option for borrowers to build equity faster at a fixed rate and are looking to spend less over the life of the loan.


30 Year

A 30 year mortgage has lower monthly payments, and is easier to qualify for than 15 year loans. Interest rates are typically slightly higher and it can take longer to build equity, but borrowers enjoy the flexibility to make higher payments (we don’t have prepayment penalties!). 30 year loans are the most common type of mortgage and they’re a great option for borrowers who want a fixed-rate and the lowest overall monthly payment.



VA loans offer some of the best rates, and are only available to eligible service members who intend to live in the home. There is no minimum down payment, no private mortgage insurance, and the debt-to-income requirements are less strict than other loans. These loans are also praised for their streamlined refinance process (including no appraisal on most programs!). Overall, VA loans are a great deal for those who qualify!



FHA loans have easier credit requirements and require smaller down payments. They’re an excellent option for 1st time home buyers and for those with higher debt-to-income ratios. FHA loan programs do require monthly private mortgage insurance paid to the lender.



Adjustable Rate Mortgages aren’t for everyone, but they can be a good option if you’re planning to sell in the near future. ARMs traditionally have lower initial interest rates that are fixed for the first 1-7 years (depending on the loan). A borrower can take advantage of these low rates and avoid risk of a payment spike, if they refinance or sell before the fixed-rate period is over.

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