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How Prospect Will Continue Doing Business

First of all, I’d like to say that I hope you all are staying safe out there amid the spreading threat of COVID-19. Business aside, this is a serious issue that folks should be respecting: stay inside when possible, wash your hands constantly, and don’t touch your face (I’m sure you already know all that). […]

Coronavirus and Mortgage Rates

While this article may not age well (rates are constantly shifting), I wanted to keep you all updated on the current rate market following Coronavirus headlines. Best-execution rates – essentially the best rates you can secure with great credit – are around these levels: 3.25% APR (0 pts) – 30 Year Fixed *You can also […]

Find The Right Loan Officer

I wanted to take a break from discussing mortgage rates today to briefly emphasize the value of working with the right loan officer to close your loan. This can be harder than you might think – there are so many loan officers vying for your business that it might be overwhelming at first. Of course […]
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