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How to Cut the Line for Your Refi!

It can be difficult for a borrower to cut through the clutter. So many mortgage companies are emailing, texting and calling that it’s challenging to hone in, select the best rates, vet the broker, and proceed with your refi. However, another problem arises in a low rate market – especially one struck with COVID-19 and […]

Get a Mortgage Quote in Under 60-Seconds

As has been reported by Mortgage News Daily, mortgage rates have never moved this quickly – up and down – and by such huge leaps. This is no doubt caused by COVID-19 headlines, and the mortgage industry’s reaction to intervention by the Federal Reserve. Rates have even approached ALL-TIME lows in the last week. Securing the […]

What Happens to the Economy Now?

You don’t live under a rock, so I’m going to assume you’re well aware of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, as well as some of its ramifications on our economy. In short, things are quite bad. Consumers are isolating themselves on their own accord, or by city mandates, which means droves of paying customers […]
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