Hi, I’m Loan Officer Ian Bier.

Verify my mortgage eligibility (Oct 22nd, 2021)

I’m originally from Florida and the military brought me to San Diego in 2012. In my off time I enjoy skydiving and racing shifter karts. I love living in San Diego near the ocean as I’ve spent a good portion of my live in the water. I enjoy helping people and at Prospect Financial Group I’m committed to serving customers needs while exceeding their expectations.

I’ve worked at Prospect Financial Group for almost a year now. I started in the loan coordinator position connecting borrowers with loan officers and gained a wealth of knowledge about the mortgage industry and how it works. I’m motivated to look at everyone’s scenario and help them find the best option for their needs. At the same time I’m also not afraid to be honest in telling someone that a refinance may serve them no benefit in the fluctuating market at that current time.

At Prospect Home Finance, we are committed to providing our customers with mortgage services that exceed their expectations.

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