Coby has been our Managing Partner here at Prospect Home Finance since 2015. Since graduating from the University of Nebraska with a BA in Business Management (emphasis: Entrepreneurship), he has been in the mortgage industry for 5+ years. Through his career, Coby has been recognized as a “Top Originator” in 2019’s Scotsman Guide, a top 1% CA Loan Originator, and “Top 1% Loan Originator” by United Wholesale Mortgage. Coby is responsible for countless department records here at Prospect!

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When asked what he enjoys most about his job, Coby said,

“I enjoy this job for many reasons, one being the aforementioned interest in finance in general along with being such a fast-paced industry. The most important aspect to me is the culture within our company, and the great deal of teamwork that it takes to accomplish the same goal. The diversity is great, the competitive nature of our team, and building relationships, both personal and business.”

While originally from Nebraska, Coby now resides in South Dakota. Outside of his busy work life, you’ll find him spending time with his daughter, watching sports, having barbeques with friends, you name it!

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