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Coronavirus and Mortgage Rates

While this article may not age well (rates are constantly shifting), I wanted to keep you all updated on the current rate market following Coronavirus headlines. Best-execution rates – essentially the best rates you can secure with great credit – are around these levels: 3.25% APR (0 pts) – 30 Year Fixed *You can also […]

Find The Right Loan Officer

I wanted to take a break from discussing mortgage rates today to briefly emphasize the value of working with the right loan officer to close your loan. This can be harder than you might think – there are so many loan officers vying for your business that it might be overwhelming at first. Of course […]

Why You Should Shop Rates

At Prospect Financial Group, we post our rates online, 24 hours per day with our live quote generator: This is not a common offer for lenders (usually they want to get you on the phone), but we believe that transparency in lending is the future. Why should you need to speak on the phone, […]

Should You Take Today’s Rates?

Due to the recent rate drop (while I’m writing this, they’re at 3-year lows!), many people are seriously kicking around the possibility of refinancing or purchasing their home loans. The geopolitical turbulence between China and the U.S. had been keeping mortgage rates down for many months, until recently, when trade war sparring between the two […]
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