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Rates Are Near Record Lows!

You may have read many recent headlines all about mortgage rates, as they relate to the COVID-19 epidemic. In the last few months, news surrounding the virus has dramatically changed the tone of global markets; investor confidence being a key factor in mortgage rates, rates took a dive starting last April going into summer. With […]

Loan Officer Spotlight: Ricardo Freire

Mortgage rates are still very compelling right now – feel free to check rates at – and we wanted to take another break to highlight our Loan Officers. This week, we spoke with our amazing Loan Officer, Ricardo Freire! 1. What’s one recent Loan Officer “success story” you’re proud of? “I think just having more experience […]

Loan Officer Spotlight: Robert Powell

It’s a crazy world out there. Rates are at record lows, and Prospect is busier than ever. With everything going on in the news, we wanted to take a break from describing our loan process, to instead highlight accomplishments of our knowledgeable Loan Officers. We asked a series of questions to our esteemed Loan Officer, Robert […]

Prospect Celebrates 100+ Employee Milestone

fter almost 14 years in business, we’ve weathered many storms, including the 2007/2008 housing crisis. With a Senior Leadership team of over 50 years of mortgage experience, Prospect continues to lean on their experience to navigate the complex and highly competitive atmosphere that makes up the industry today. The only way our system can work […]
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