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Pandemic Alert: Mortgage Rates React…

There’ve been a lot of recent changes in the world of mortgage home financing. For one, the worsening COVID-19 pandemic is affecting investor confidence – involving global bonds – which, in turn, can change rates. Rates slide (in either direction) following significant shifts in news headlines; generally, good news can worsen rates, while bad news […]

Refinance Before the Election!

The main topic dominating U.S. news right now is, obviously, the upcoming Presidential Election; it’s not just the presidency up for grabs, we’re talking about potential shifts in power for senate seats, major laws, Supreme Court, etc. You’ve seen the headlines. How does this affect the mortgage industry? To put it simply: It could move […]

Did Rates Just Go Up?

There’s so much going on in the news – an upcoming election, COVID-19, and mortgage interest rates fluctuating near-historic low levels. With so much noise, you may be wondering: What’s the latest news on rates?  Rates are going up! The FHFA (Federal Housing Finance Agency) is responsible for regulating the mortgage industry, and they just […]

Why You Should Refi Before November

If you’ve been checking mortgage news, you might have seen headlines about a “controversial refinance tax” put in place by the Federal Reserve, which was temporarily stalled. This tax will raise interest rates across the board for most mortgage lenders / brokers, but they decided to delay said tax; now, it will go into effect […]
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